CSD SAHARA Global Academy, conceptualized as a truly international school with the Cambridge system of education, has started with Cambridge International Primary Programme. This makes us one of the 10,000 plus educational excellence centres that run this programme in 160 countries across the globe. CIPP employs pragmatic learning methods that not only cover academic subjects, but distinctively emphasize on personality development and international understanding also.

We have designed our curriculum in a way that makes education much more than the typical classroom teaching. The innovative methods of education adopted by us make the process of learning a joy that will inculcate confidence and all other desired qualities in our students so naturally.

Our school is the most suitable destination for the children who aim to equip themselves with the aptitude and skills required to live up to the expectation of this highly competitive world that is full of challenges. Our aim is to ensure that the learners gain confidence with the help of maximum clarity and deep knowledge of the subjects they study, so that they are well prepared to join the global stream of talents. Conceptual understanding is imperative for developing mastery over the subjects. Therefore, the key component of the curriculum of our school is guided by active and engaging learning through workshops, seminars, tutorials and classroom activities.

At our international school, our focus would be on developing collaborations, interdisciplinary understanding, eloquence, presentation skills and creativity in the students, which we believe will go a long way in laying the foundation of a real Cambridge personality. This is an opportunity for all the children who seek to go beyond boundaries and want to have a rewarding life with by securing their future through innovative, progressive and effective learning systems.

We proudly present our CSD SAHARA Global Academy to groom your wards to sore high in the limitless sky of possibilities, to explore and achieve their dreams, much beyond conventional jobs.

Sharayu Paralikar