Happy and contented lives of our children extend to the ambit of a healthy mind which adds to the inherent vitality and spirit that they possess. Accordingly our education system needs to be geared in a suitable way to meet the diverse and far-reaching developmental needs of a child.

In our commitment to develop our children as able, energetic and competent citizens of tomorrow and for them to embrace a future that is bright and exciting, CSD Sahara Global Academy which follows the Cambridge curriculum, is our proud offering that breaks free of traditional moulds and embraces international standards of excellence in academics, thereby, uplifting and sustaining to potential the intellectual capacity of our young, aspiring boys and girls, which is so vital to their all-round growth.

We are committed to raising the stature of CSD Sahara Global Academy to unsurpassed heights of merit and distinction in the times ahead, both in a national and a global perspective.

Your support and cooperation would be of vital importance to help realise our long-term aspirations.

Kumkum Roy Choudhury