• DISCIPLINE AND DECORUM – In every sphere of activity, the students should abide by a sense of discipline by way of enthusiastic obedience of instructions and orders as given by their teachers, parents and other elders.
  • MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT All –round strengthening of the students’ behavioural aspect is encouraged with the right communication modes that display politeness and good manners, reflect cordiality, respect and straightforwardness during interactions with their peer group or their seniors.
  • LEARNING AND EXPRESSING Students’ natural instinct to explore across the vast seascape of knowledge is encouraged, so as to propel their inherent potential, harnesses their latent skills, enhance their ability to articulate thoughts with clarity and lead to their growth as sensible and strong adults.
  • INTERFAITH HARMONY Students are made strongly aware of the fact that they belong to a land of multiple religions, ethnicities, cultures and languages, all harmoniously blended. Hence, they need to generate faith beyond their communities and embrace the best of other religious systems and social orders that would help foster a spirit of unity and make them partners in growth.
  • IMPROVED SELF-CONFIDENCE Within the community, the students are encouraged to take on responsibility for their own actions, their own lives and happiness to help enhance their self-esteem, thus find a perfect environment to know themselves better and be able to relate to others more effectively as well.
  • COLLECTIVE EFFORTS Students’ learning is enhanced through the sharing of different perspectives, ideas, thoughts and day-to-day experiences, which help them reach a collective sense of accomplishment and ownership.
  • POSITIVISM TOWARDS ACADEMIC OBJECTIVES A nurturing environment enables students to maintain an air of positivism with regard to their academic pursuits and a constructive attitude towards teachers, peers and the seniors, which serve as a means to honest relationship-building, in still high confidence levels and help find the right path based on their intellectual leaning.
  • CONNECTING WITH NATURE As part of a natural growth phenomenon, the students are to perceive themselves as species within a larger system and be mindful of the Earth and its resources by generating in themselves, sensitivity and awareness to the world outside through discovery and exploration.
  • GROWTH IN EVERY CAPACITY – To be a complete human, a student must be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Thus, in addition to intellectual growth,the emphasis is on their physical, emotional, social and creative well-being that would maximize their potential and prepare them for the bigger challenges ahead.
  • PASSION IN THE PURSUIT OF ONE’S GOALS Students are motivated to aim for their goals with single-minded focus, passion, truthfulness and a desire to generate in themselves the capacity to accomplish, bearing in mind that success is not a temporary halt but a continuous journey up the ladder.