Admission Process

Welcome to CSD Sahara Global Academy - Your Path to Quality Education in Bakshi Ka Talab and Sitapur Road, Lucknow!

Looking for a reputable CBSE school for your child’s education from Nursery to Class VI? Look no further! CSD Sahara Global Academy provides a nurturing and stimulating learning environment where your child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

At CSD Sahara Global Academy, we strive to make the admission process as seamless as possible.

Enquiry Form

    Step-by-Step Guide for Admission Process

    Begin by visiting our school and completing the admission interest application form. We encourage parents to visit the campus to get a firsthand experience of our academy.

    Attend an informative orientation session, where you will gain valuable insights into our academy’s philosophy, disciplinary code, teaching environment, and curriculum essentials. This session will be followed by a meeting with our Admission Officer/Head Mistress.

    Complete the admission form provided in the prospectus along with the required documents. Take an appointment for an interaction session with the Admission Officer/Head Mistress, and bring your child along. We believe in understanding each child’s unique qualities and therefore focus on the interaction session with both the child and their parents.

    For Pre-Primary School (Class Toddler, Nursery, and KG) and Primary School (Class I to VI), there will be an interaction session with the parents and the child. During this session, we assess the child’s existing knowledge level.

    A letter of recommendation from the Head of the previous school is appreciated.

    A brief meeting with the Head of CSD Sahara Global Academy will be arranged to confirm the admission. Upon confirmation, you and your child will be warmly welcomed into our academy.

    Complete the admission formalities by paying the requisite fee within 7 working days through a Demand Draft in favor of “CSDS Global Academy,” payable at Lucknow.

    Admission Panel

    The Primary Admission Committee comprises:

    • Admission Officer/Head Mistress
    • HOD – Student Well-being
    • Mother Teacher

    Criteria and Preference for Admission:

    • Availability of seats in the appropriate classes and programs.
    • Completion of all admission procedures and requirements.
    • Fulfilling all financial obligations.

    Preference will be given to:

    • Siblings of students already studying in the school.
    • Children residing preferably within a 2 to 6 km radius of the school.
    • Children whose parents or guardians have transferable jobs within India and abroad.
    • Children of defense personnel.

    Background of the child will not be a basis for discrimination. We welcome children from all social, religious, and economic backgrounds.

    Acceptance of Admission

    Admission will be deemed confirmed upon the fulfillment of the following within the specified time period:

    • Fulfillment of all financial obligations.
    • Transfer Certificate from the previously attended school for admission to Grade I and above. If not available at the time of application, it must be produced before the regular classes commence.
    • Signing of the Admission Acceptance Form by the parents, confirming their acceptance of monthly fees/obligations towards CSD Sahara Global Academy, thereby constituting an agreement to adhere to the school’s policies and regulations, including the fee structure.
    Documents Required

    Please ensure you submit the following documents along with the admission form:

    • 2 sets of passport size photographs of mother, father, child & one family photo.
    • Medical Examination Reports (all immunizations must be current and certified by a physician).
    • Original Birth Certificate of Child/children along with a self-attested photocopy.
    • Aadhaar Card (any one parent) along with
    Fee Structure For The Academic Year 2021 - 2022

    Pre Primary (Toddler/Nursery/Kindergarten) and Primary (Class I – VI) includes:

    • Admission fee
    • Annual fee
    • Monthly tuition fee (first quarter)
    • Monthly Social Welfare Fund
    Payment Process
    Rules Regarding Payment Of Fees
    • Parents are requested to deposit the fee by cheque/by cash/online. Please pay the fees on or before the prescribed dates to avoid any fine or re- admission formalities.
    • Cheque to be drawn in favour of “CSDS GLOBAL ACADEMY”
    • Kindly mention the following details on the reverse of the cheque in CAPITAL LETTERS – Scholar No./Name/Class/Section/Mobile No. of parents
    • School Account No. (A/C No. 920010039090218)

    Quarterly fees is due on the first day of each quarter and must be deposited in full upto the prescribed dates given below.

    • April – June ….. upto May 15th.
    • July – September ….. upto July 15th.
    • October – December ….upto Oct. 15th.
    • January – March … upto January 15th.

    Delayed payment of fee for any reason will result in a penalty of Rs. 100/- after the due date, and thereafter @ Rs. 50/- per week (additional)

    • Scholars whose fees are 3 months in arrears will have their names taken off the roll at the end of the relevant quarter and will not be allowed to sit in the class and will be re-admitted only on payment of arrears with the fine plus admission fees as re-admission fee, provided the seat is available/vacant.
    • Parents must give one month notice in writing, should they wish to withdraw their Child/Children, or in lieu of notice, quarter fee must be paid.
    • No reduction or remission of fees may be claimed on account of holidays or absence through illness or any other reason.
    • If this fees booklet is lost, an amount of Rs. 50/- will be charged for replacement.
    • The bank is not responsible for the correctness of your payment to the school.
    • If in doubt regarding the amount to be deposited, kindly contact the school office.
    • An amount of rupees 500/- will have to be paid apart from the fine, in case a cheque bounces.
    • To overrule any possibility of cheque being misplaced, it should be submitted at the bank counter & not dropped in the drop box.
    Admission Withdrawal
    • The parents who decide to withdraw their child/children by the end of the academic year must submit a written application two months prior to the commencement of the relevant session to the concerned authority. This will enable the school to process the required documents relevant to withdrawal of the student.
    • In the event of failing to notify within the specified period, the full first term fee will be charged and the school leaving certificate will be issued after 15 days of completion of documentation.
    • School leaving certificate will be issued only after the submission of the relevant form which checks on pending items such as library books, outstanding fees, besides authenticating the forwarding address and checking out on any additional dues, probable damage caused to property etc.
    • Fees once paid for the first term will not be refunded. Fees paid in advance for the next term will be refunded provided the relevant documents are attached with the application and subject to all conditions being fulfilled.
    • School leaving certificate will be issued within 15 working days of the request, subject to all clearance formalities having been completed including settlement of dues if any.
    Admission Cancellation/ Refund
    • In case the parents wish to cancel their child’s admission before the scheduled last date of commencement of the current academic year, an application for cancellation will have to be submitted to the Academy. The Admission & Annual Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    • If the Student withdraws from the academy prior to the start of the academic year, all tuition and term fees paid will be refunded, but only when all seats for that academic session have been filled up.